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Pro’s and Con’s of Renting Accommodation for the London Olympics

The London 2012 Olympic Games may still seem a long way away, however failing to organise accommodation early will only lead to upset when you find that all hotels, B&Bs and hostels are fully booked. In the past with the Olympic Games, those that choose not to place a deposit on accommodation early, very rarely end up staying where they would like to. Being prepared means you can not only choose where you will be staying, but you can also choose between all the great hotels, rented accommodation and B&B’s that are available In and around London.

Temporary rented accommodation for the London Olympics in 2012 is available due to property developers, landlords and home owners deciding to rent out their accommodation in order to capitalize on the increased demand during the Olympics. London rented accommodation is much like a home away from home; you will have the keys and only you will be able to stay there.

So, what are the pro’s and con’s of London Olympic Rented Accommodation?


You can eat and sleep at whatever time of the day (or night) you please. You can also choose to eat in some nights and cook in your own kitchen and eat out other nights, basically living as you would do when back home. The added flexibility means you can treat the rented accommodation however you like as long as you don’t damage the property; have guests over, take pets with you and anything else that the landlord or owner is happy with.

Many people enjoy their privacy and what better way to get privacy than in Olympic rented accommodation? Not only will you not have any other guests to worry about, you will not be forced into a regimented hotel timetable.

The cost of London Olympic rented accommodation is often much cheaper than a hotel. The reason is because that there is no service associated with your accommodation, which is a huge saving that you can benefit from. If you book early enough, you can also expect exceptionally reasonable prices on the vast majority of all rented accommodation in London.


In London Olympic rented accommodation you will not have the luxury of room service that are very much the essence of the hotel experience. You will have to go out for food or cook it yourself, and of course, no hotel bar!

Rented accommodation may not be available near London city center which means you could have a long(ish) commute between where you stay and where you are going to watch the London 2012 Olympic Games.

As you can see, the pro’s far outweigh the con’s for rented accommodation in terms of money saving, however there are several drawbacks regarding luxuries. However, if you are visiting London for the Olympic Games, who wants room service when all the action will be happening in the Olympic stadium!

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