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Time to Pay For Your London 2012 Olympics Tickets

Today, 10th May, is the day that the 1.8 million people who have applied for London Olympic tickets should keep an eye on their bank balance or credit card bill as LOCOG will be taking their money!

Over the next few weeks, starting today, payment will be taken from all who have been successful in their application for tickets for the Games.

The 2012 bosses have promised to let applicants know if they have been successful getting tickets by 24th June. However, they will start taking payments from bank accounts in the next few weeks.

Applicants will not be told in advance exactly how much they will be charged, or when the money will be taken, which has cause some level of controversy.

If you have applied for tickets, the general advice is to ensure you have the necessary funds available in your account as of today until the end of the month.

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