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Second Chance to Buy London Olympic Tickets!

If you entered the initial Olympic 2012 tickets ballot, you now have a second chance to sign up for further tickets as of today on a first-come first-served basis.

Regardless of whether you were sucessful or unsucessful in getting London Olympic tickets the first time around, from today you can buy a second lot of tickets for various events in 2012.

Some 1.5 million tickets for football, 40,000 for volleyball and 8,000 for freestyle wrestling are on offer.

They are all being sold on a first-come first-served basis in a process which finishes at 6pm BST on 17th July – so be quick!

There are an estimated 700,000 people that are eligible to buy tickets with another 150,000 people who ordered tickets in an earlier phase.

Second chance for 2012 tickets

More than 3.5 million London Olympic tickets have been sold to date, according to LOCOG.

The second lot of tickets are available for football, volleyball and freestyle wrestling which cover 58 sessions and 130 price categories. All of the other sports at the Games are sold out.

The football tickets include both men’s and women’s matches at Wembley Stadium, London; City of Coventry Stadium; Millennium Stadium, Cardiff; Hampden Park, Glasgow; St James’ Park, Newcastle; and Old Trafford, Manchester.

Football events make up the bulk of this second wave of tickets available as the matches are played in large venues.

The volleyball tickets are for both men’s and women’s sessions based at Earls Court, while the freestyle wrestling is taking place at the Excel Centre in the east of London.

Another major, and final, round of ticket sales will take place in early 2012.

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