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Just One Year To Go Until The 2012 London Olympics

The countdown has begun!

On July 27th 2012, the Olympic Games will open with an amazing ceremony in London to welcome athletes, spectators and the world to England.

This time next year, all eyes of the world will be focused on London as the Opening Ceremony takes place in the brand new prestigious Olympic Stadium. Over 3.5 million tickets have been sold for the London 2012 Games so far, and today sees the final countdown to “the greatest show in the world” begin. Events at the Aquatic Centre it the Olympic Park and in Trafalgar Square will kickstart a year of outstanding sporting and cultural activities all over the UK in preparation for the Games.

With just one year to go, how excited are you for the arrival of this once in a life time event in England? All of us here can’t wait!

However the most important question is; Will all of the new London Olympic facilities be ready in time?!

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