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Money Taken For Olympics Tickets: Have You Been Lucky?

As of midnight last night, LOCOG say that all money has now been taken for London Olympic tickets.

If no money has been taken from your account, you have unfortunately not been successful.

Have you got all the tickets you applied for? Have you got none? How much have you had to pay out? Let’s hear your stories..!

  1. Sarah P on Wednesday 1, 2011

    My friend has had £6,000 taken out of his account for an Opening Ceremony ticket!

  2. Woosie on Wednesday 1, 2011

    Applied for £8k of tickets, only got £200 worth. Gutted!!!!!

  3. John Kneale on Wednesday 1, 2011

    Money taken out of my account however just received e-mail stating i had not been successful!!

    Have i got tickets or not?