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London Olympics Tickets Prices Revealed

Ticket prices for events at the London Olympic Games in 2012 have been revealed today, with the coveted men’s 100m final costing in excess of £725 per ticket.

Organisers of the London 2012 Olympics have also revealed that tickets for the opening ceremony will cost between £20.00 and £2,012. While still very expensive for the most sought after tickets, they are not as expensive as was first thought.

Of the 8.8 million tickets available, 75% will be sold to the general public from March 2011. 125,000 tickets are being set aside to be given to school children who will have to achieve something extra special in their education to earn them.

There is wide range of prices for the 39 disciplines and 649 sports sessions of the Olympic games. London 2012 organisers said 90% of tickets will be just £100, two-thirds less than £50 and over 2.5 million tickets £20 or less.

The cost of viewing the men’s 100m final in 2012 is to cost from £50 to £725, while tickets to see the women’s 100m final range from £50 to £450. Other premium events, such as the cycling finals, will range from £50 to £325 and diving finals £50 and £450. Some of the Olympic events, such as the marathon, road cycling and the triathlon will be free.

From March, people can register their interest in an event and, if it is over-subscribed, they will be entered into a random ballot. So far, over 1.7 million people have already registered their interest with the London Olympic Games.

The organisers have said they are acting to ensure there would not be a repeat of the scenes of near-empty stadiums at some of Commonwealth Games’ events in Delhi that were seen this month.

There is also to be a scheme for those aged 16 and under, where the cost of a ticket will be the same as a child’s age. About 200 non-premium sporting sessions will be available in this initiative, which also includes the over 60s, who will pay just £16 per ticket.

The government and the mayor of London are each being given 50,000 tickets and the British Olympic Association has been handed 25,000.

The government also wants each school in Britain to get six free tickets, but London Mayor Boris Johnson wants to buy a further 75,000 tickets to get one in eight schoolchildren in London a free ticket to the Games in 2012. He wants an individual or organisation to provide the money to purchase the tickets, but has so far not found anyone.

London 2012 organisers added that 15% of tickets will go to national and international athletic committees and 10% to stakeholders and sponsors.

The price of the closing ceremony will range between just £20.00 to as much as £1,500 per ticket.

London Olympics Ticket Prices
London Olympics Ticket Prices [Source: BBC]

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