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Heineken Official Lager / Beer for the 2012 London Olympics

It has been revealed this week that Heineken will be the beverage of choice as the official lager / beer of the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Heineken will supply all beer, lager and cider at venues serving alcohol throughout the Olympic Games. Heineken has a strong reputation with sporting events already sponsoring football’s ­Champions League and the Rugby World Cup.

Chief commercial officer Alexis Nasard said today, “There are no bigger, global or more ­spectacular events than the Olympic Games.

“We selected this opportunity as it fully reflects Heineken’s global brand position.

“It also provides a wonderful platform for the promotion of responsible drinking.”

Heineken is the Olympic ­committee’s 35th official sponsor so far for the 2012 Games with organisers hoping to raise in excess of £2billion through the private sector during the event.

Other confirmed sponsors for the London Olympics to date include Holiday Inn, Eurostar, John Lewis and Next, with more to be announced throughout the year.

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