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Dispatches – Olympic Tickets for Sale – Channel 4

Channel 4 are showing a Dispatches special entitled “Olympic Tickets for Sale” that is to investigate where and to who London Olympic 2012 tickets were really given.

The show will be aired on Channel 4 at 8pm GMT on 13th February 2012.

  1. Phil M on Sunday 12, 2012

    Is this the Dispatches Special that was on Channel 4 saying that travel firms with Thomas Cook bought a load and packaged them up with hotel rooms so they could change a huge mark up?

    I missed it but heard about it. Any ideas when it will be on again?

  2. Dave on Sunday 12, 2012

    @Phil M

    Yes, it was called “Olympic Tickets For Sale”. It is currently available on 4OD for the next few days:

    I’m sure it will be repeated either on Channel 4 or E4 at some point in the future however.