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The countdown to London has begun!

Tuesday marked exactly 2 years to go until the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games 2010. Eeek! Are you ready? Will the stadiums and facilities be ready? Will London be ready? Will transport networks cope?… Chances are with us being British, it’ll be a no to all of the above!

Putting cynicalism to one side, there is still a genuine question over the facilities. While some areas have already been competed there are still huge worries hanging over the main stadium and olympic village. There is no possibility that they can be late and so should they be lagging behind, to catch up, they will just plough millions of £s into development to speed things up. In the present economic climate; while it will allow us to host the games, will it damage our economy in the long run?

London beat Paris to be named as host city of the 2012 Olympic Games in 2005, but since then the budget has spiralled to over £9.3bn – four times the estimate that helped win the bid – amid the global financial crisis.

A Olympic contingency fund makes up £2.2bn of that and it has already been dipped into, to the tune of £95m in October 2008, to fund the building of the massive 3,000-home London Olympic Village.

One stadium that is already complete however is the Olympic velodrome. Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy was the first to ride around the track on Tuesday to mark the 2 year countdown.

“I had goose bumps on my arm,” he said. “To me now the Games are coming alive.”

The event also saw retired British basketball player John Amaechi, who never got to play for Great Britain at an Olympics but did come out of retirement to help England win Commonwealth Games bronze in 2006, shot hoops in the basketball arena.

Michael Johnson also took part in proceedings, however had to run on a temporay surface in the Olympic stadium as it is no where near finished yet.

I bet Lord Coe has got his fingers firmly crosseed!!

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