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Confusion Hits London 2012 Olympic Ticket Sales

BREAKING NEWS: Officials at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) have this hour confirmed that it will be at least next week before any money for 2012 tickets begins to be deducted from accounts.

LOCOG had initially planned to start taking the money for tickets today, May 10th, but they have been hit by a much higher demand for some events that originally expected.

Ballots to allocate tickets to these oversubscribed events will now continue well into the weekend, LOCOG have confirmed.

Successful ticket holders will now be notified from May 16th.

Consumer groups have already complained about this latest additional confusion to the ticketing process.

Under the allocation process money will be withdrawn from accounts before ticket holders are informed of precisely which tickets they have purchased.

While LOCOG says it will inform customers as soon as possible which tickets they have bought for the Games, the organisation will only commit to a deadline no sooner that June 24th.

However, all ticket money will be withdrawn by June 10th.

In total, some 20 million ticket applications were made for the 6.6 million tickets that were on offer.

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