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Cadbury’s Launch New London Olympics Campaign

With global events such as the Olympics, come huge sponsorship opportunities. Every brand under the sun wants a piece of the action, however while you can probably already guess who 9 or 10 of the sponsors will be, who will stand out the most? Who’s Olympic advertising campaign will be the best?

Even though the London Olympics are still 2 years away, Cadbury’s has started strong with their very original ad campaign ‘Spots vs Stripes‘.

The Spots and Stripes campaign asks people to play any game they like, either one of the suggestions from Cadbury’s or a made up one, and then submit the results via a video through their website. The public can then vote for the best or most entertaining game and the highest voted each week, and of all time, get prizes.

Similar to the Old Spice campaign that was out recently, the Cadbury’s Spots and Stripes uses social media very well with dedicated Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages servicing the campaign.

Cadbury’s will also be taking the games on the road. Travelling the UK, Cadbury’s will host bit city takeovers and allow the public to take part in games in selected locations throughout the country. To top it all off, a series of TV adverts will be launched this Saturday 7th August..

The Spots vs Stripes campaign will run all the way up to the start of the London Olympic Games in 2012 and so it will be interesting to see if they can keep interest in the project that long!

  1. Sarah_J on Thursday 5, 2010

    This will never match the Old Spice campaign in terms of online pick-up and logentivity. I also find their expectations to keep it running for two years with audience participation the whole time, an impossible feat!