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Beatles vs Rolling Stones for London Olympic Opening Ceremony

It’s The Beatles verses The Rolling Stones to find out who will headline the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

The Rolling Stones and 68 year old McCartney, one of the two surviving Beatles, are both used to playing to huge audiences having played at the American Super Bowl to massive worldwide audiences, but only one of them will be able to kick-off proceeding at the London Olympics.

“The 2012 Olympics opening ¬≠ceremony is going to be ¬≠spectacular. It has to be to kick off the event in great British style. Everyone wants to be a part of this historical happening and what is great for us is The Rolling Stones and Sir Paul ¬≠McCartney are interested in playing,” a source at the Daily Star said.

The Rolling Stones band formed in 1962 and led by legendary vocalist Mick Jagger have sold over 200 million albums worldwide, while Sir Paul McCartney has been rated as one of the most successful songwriters in modern musical history.

“We’re looking at the American Super Bowl’s half-time show – which they have played at – as the kind of thing we’re going for with the opening ceremony. It would be great to have both but there can only be one headliner. It’s going to be difficult but talks have opened and we’ll see what can be worked out,” the source said.

However, maybe Sir McCartney may have a head start as his fashion designer daughter, Stella McCartney, is designing the England team’s 2012 London Olympic kit.

Let the battle commence!

  1. Tania G on Sunday 8, 2010

    It has to be the Rolling Stones. Paul McCartney is an utter ****, and how the hell did Stella get the job of doing the kit for team GB???