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London Hotels Are ‘Unfit’ For The Olympic Games

London hotels are “unfit” to host the 2012 London Olympics as they pay low wages and have “Dickensian” working conditions, a campaign group has said.

A recent report by both the campaign group London Citizens and the union Unite said London hotel workers should be paid the so-called London Living Wage of £7.45 an hour.

It said they rely heavily on a “migrant labour force that is hired and fired at will”.

The British Hospitality Association responded by saying that “substantial” wage rises were just not realistic during a recession.

The campaign – Rooms for Change – wants London hotels to adopt the basic £7.45 an hour pay rate before the Olympic Games come to the city in 2012.

The report was based on interviews with London hotel workers, clients, cleaning agencies and managers in the capital and abroad.

It said: “The heart of the problem is the treatment of workers and the management’s reliance on a transitory, migrant labour force that is hired and fired at will.

“‘Dickensian’ is not too strong a word to describe the conditions that prevail in some of London’s leading hotels.”

The campaign also urged hotels to invest in the training of hotel staff and helping them learn the English language.

A spokesman for the British Hospitality Association said “At a time of recession, when the hospitality industry in London is experiencing severe cost pressures and falling demand, the priority has to be to preserve jobs as far as is possible.

“Substantial wage increases are just not realistic at this time.”

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