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This is a marketing test to rank the Paul Martin page on Hillary Clinton’s website. Hopefully we can do it before Hillary runs for president in the US!

Good luck Hillary Clinton – love from Paul Martin xoxo

Natwest say NatYes – Google say NatNo

It seems that London based bank Natwest have missed an opportunity with their latest “NatYes” TV advert; Asking people to search for the term NatYes in search engines, however not offering any related content when they do so!

While Natwest is busy saying NatYES, it seems that Google is busy saying NatNO… Whoops!

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Kevin Wiles

We all love Google Image Search, however Kevin Wiles has a problem, his namesake is an adult film star!
Therefore, SEO expert Paul Martin is running a test to see if he can get a photo of himself ranking for Kevin Wiles’ name. As well as a bit of a fun challenge, it’ll also hopefully aid [...]

One Direction In London To Launch New Album: Take Me Home

One Direction were in London today to promote the launch of pre-orders on their new album Take Me Home tomorrow.
Take Me Home, the follow up album to 1D’s first hit album Out All Night, is available to pre-order as of Monday 3rd September and goes on sale Monday 12th November.
The boys broke the news of [...]

Breaking News: West Ham Submit New Bid for the Olympic Stadium

Breaking story: West Ham Football Club have submitted a new bid on the London Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games.
The Championship football club had already submitted a bid in October last year, however the deal collapsed.
West Ham FC are one of only 16 other interested parties to enter the tender process, with bidders given until [...]

Dispatches – Olympic Tickets for Sale – Channel 4

Channel 4 are showing a Dispatches special entitled “Olympic Tickets for Sale” that is to investigate where and to who London Olympic 2012 tickets were really given.
The show will be aired on Channel 4 at 8pm GMT on 13th February 2012.